Outdoor Blinds Control Heat, Cold, Glare, Wind and Insects!

Solutions for coastal and windy environments


Outdoor Blinds:

Beautiful, Elegant & Australian Made Outdoor Blinds!

Create the perfect entertaining space outside your home. In Winter you will be warmer, in Summer not only will you be cooler but you can keep out those annoying insects as well. See superior outdoor blind solutions that are wind rated to 70km and made from corrosion resistant materials.

Wire Guided and Tracked Outdoor Blinds

Architecturally appealing, the outdoor blind is a versatile way to stop the heat during summer and cold in winter. Available in either a wire guided or side channel solution the external blind can be operated automatically using electric motors or manually.

It is extremely important to get the right advice with outside blinds. Wind direction and intensity as well as fabric colours and fitting have a large bearing on the effectiveness of the outside blind.

In some sites the wind issue requires a fabric tensioning system that helps ensure the fabric deflects the wind. This system from Markilux is better able to tollerate high winds. We source this system from Germany.

External motorised blinds with Aluminium side channels

External motorised blinds with Aluminium side channels

External manual blinds with Stainless Steel Cables

External motorised blinds with Stainless Steel Cables

Zip Screen Blinds

With the right fabric an external zip screen blind system can become a valuable asset for your outdoor life. During winter, warm air can be retained whilst keeping out cold air, wind and rain. During summer, not only are flies and those annoying night time insects kept a-bay, the area will repel the heat and stop the heat transfer to the inside entertaining space.

External zip screen blinds or zip blinds are the latest innovation in external blinds to be available on the Australian market. They are called zip screen blinds not because they have a traditional zipper system but because the fabric uses one side of a zipper to lock into a side channel making them more tolerant to wind and enabling minimal light gap at the vertical edge of the fabric. It will make more sense when you see them!

Rolletna offers an extensive range of external zip screen blinds from suppliers in Australia and also Germany.

Our zip screen blind is robust and ideal for most external applications. It is available in widths up to 6 metres and drops of 5 metres. The maximum square metre coverage however is 35 square metres.

Our Markilux zip blinds provide the optimal solution for windy sites and or the more discerning buyer. Made in Germany, the zip screen is available with hidden teflon belts in the side track that keep the fabric in tension at all times.

We also offer the Zip Track blind which is manually operated external blind that is cleverly balanced to ensure the blind is light and easy to operate.

Special Shaped Outdoor Blinds

Not every outdoor covering requirement is a square or rectangle. Sometimes they are triangular, trapezoid or or round.

At Rolletna we are able to investigate and if possible supply and install irregular shaped outdoor blinds.

There are limitation to what is possible and wind is always an issue to delivering a suitable solution. Regular isosceles and to a limited extent scalene triangular shapes are possible using a bottom-up style of blind using a tensioned based system.

Trapezoidal shapes are only possible if the blind is running from the base parallel side to the opposite shorter parallel side. Sometimes, this may require the blind to be run horizontally.


Fabric Tensioned Outdoor Blinds

When it comes to windy conditions, outdoor blinds are more tolerant and able to deal with wind load if the fabric is under tension.

Three are two techniques of tensioning an outdoor blind. The first is by locking the base of the blind once it is down and then reversing the control system against the locking device so that fabric is in tension. Some motors have a special setting that activate this tensioning system.

The second technique is by having belts that run within the side channel of the blind. These belts keep the blind in constant tension no matter the position of the blind. The blinds we use that have this feature are from Markilux,

Zip Screen Outdoor Blind in Black Sunscreen Fabric and White Powdercoated Headbox and Side Channels

Zip Screen External Blind Fully Down Position

Zip Screen Outdoor Blind in Halfway Position

Zip Screen External Blind showing Close Up Detail of Headbox and Side Channel

Technical Data

External Roller Blinds:

Operation: Motorised or Manual
Fabrics: Screen PVCin 2x2 weave, engineered high tensile polymer fabrics from Ferari, polyester translucent fabrics from Markilux.
Application: All windows and doors
Benefits: Contemporary finish taking up minimal space and providing maximum viewing area.
Street View: When retracted, the headbox of either 95mm or 125 mm can be seen.
Detailing: 95m mor 125mm headbox, stainless steel side wire or side channel of either 50mm or 100mm. Zip channel also available.
Widths: 800mm to 5400mm
Drop: 800mm to 3200mm
Other Information: Wind locking system available for widths upto 3 metres


External Zip Blinds:

Operation: Manual, Motorised
Fabrics: Fabric Screen, Acrylic, Clear PVC
Application: External WIndows, External verandahs and patios, cafe and entertaining areas
Benefits: Great for controlling temprature wheter it be heat or cold. Good solution for windy sites
Street View: Fully enclosed headbox with powder coating colour options provides a streamline and modern look from the street
Detailing: Dulux o powder coated colours
Widths: 1000mm(1m) to 5000mm (5m) wide
Drop: 500mm to 3000mm (4m) drop
Other Information: Can be fitted to the face of a building or set into a window reveal. The zip screen Extreme can cover widths of 7m and drops of up to 5m.

Looking For More Info?

Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions!

Q Which types of outside blinds & shutters do you install?

Rolletna installs many types of outside blinds and awnings and louvre systems. We have in-house expertise and do not rely on contractors. Occasionally however in busier times, we may call on one of our approved contractors to undertake an install.

Q What happens after the sale?

If you are satisfied that Rolletna is a fit for you, one of the first steps after the sales agreement is to undertake a technical measure.  This will be performed by one of our experienced outdoor blind technicians and this is typically the same person who will install the product.  Any special brackets or access equipment will be specified at this stage. If any of these items hadn't been forseen during the sales process, there may be a change in the total price. If you are not agreeable with the new price, you can cancel the order and you will be fully refunded.

Q What is the installation process?

You will be contacted by Rolletna staff member to arrange a day and time for the outdoor blind installation to take place. Depending on the product, the manufacturing process can take between 3 and 6 weeks. We do occassionally offer installation on Saturday's however mostly the installs are undertaken during the week. We like to start our day between 7:00am and 7:30am. Access equipment such as scaffolding may need to be arranged as a separate visit and Electricians may need to come either before or after our visit, this is typically discussed ahead of the installation.

Q Do you ever run specials?

It is quite rare that we run a sale. For larger orders we do offer a discount from recommended retail.

Q How does the 5 Year Warranty work?

Our Range of outdoor blinds are guaranteed for 5 Years on parts, and 2 years on labour. Any and all manufacturing defects within this time will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. If equipment such as scaffolding is required to access the product, this will not form part of the warranty.

Q What is your service area?

Rolletna provides outdoor blinds to all areas of Sydney including North Shore, Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Northern Beaches, Central Sydney,The Hills and the Inner West. We also service beyond Sydney and have undertaken work Melbourne, Canberra, Port Macquarie, Central Coast, Bathurst and Condobolin, Coonabarbran and Forbes.

Q How are your prices determined?

The cost of your outdoor blinds treatment will vary depending on the number of windows, measurements, and of course the style, material and special custom features such as non standard colours. Rolletna always provides a free No Obligation estimate so that you’ll know up front exactly how much your installation will cost.

Q What are your outdoor blinds made of?

We offer a wide range of outdoor blind materials to suit every budget and style. Fabrics choices are Polyester, Polyester / PVC, Acrylic. Tubes and componentary are typically made from cast aluminium and or stainless steel. There are also some zinc coated steel comonents however these would not be suitable for coastal areas. With wider width outside blinds tubes are typically made from steel.

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