Control your blinds curtains or awnings with touch of a button


Trust Rolletna's 15 years of experience as an authorised Somfy dealer

Rolletna has been an authorised Somfy dealer for more than 15 years and installs approximately a thousand motorised blind products every year. This experience helps to realise that the automatic blinds curtains or awnings you desire deliver the function that you intended at the price you can afford.

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Motorised, Electric or Automatic Blinds

Rolletna is a recognised specialist in motorisation of all window treatments and chooses to use Somfy motorisation solutions.

Whether it be a computerised building management system such as CBUS or remote control system controlled by hand held remotes, Rolletna will assist you to develop the best and most affordable solution for motorised blinds, motorised curtains motorised roman blinds, motorised venetian blinds, motorised external blinds, motorised folding arm awnings or motorised conservatory awnings.

Rolletna staff will work with your architects and builders during the design phase to ensure the motorised element of the window solution is carefully considered and integrated perfectly to your building's infrastructure.

Options for motorisation include: 240V power and also 24V rechargeable battery.

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Make Summer and Winter a Pleasure By Automating Your Indoor Motorised Blinds and Curtains

With motorisation, it is easy to have window treatments respond to different sensors that can be placed in proximity to the orientation of the house. For instance, a timer can be used to lower and raise window treatments at specific time of the day. Many of our clients like this option as it provides an element of passive security giving the impression that someone is home when actually this may not be the case.

A sun sensor can also be added that will instruct roller blinds to be lowered once the light intensity reaches a preset level.


Somfy Chronis Remote Control

Functions include:
- controls up to 6 Somfy motorised blinds / awnings
-ability to set time of day scheduling
-ability to operate to sunset (different time each day)

Somfy Keytis Remote
Remote Control for
your key ring

Somfy Wall Mounted Remote
Surround Colours available in
white, silver, black and walnut

Somfy Solaris Remote
Used to activate /
Deactivate Sun Sensor

Somfy 3D Sensor
Mercury based sensor that sensors movement.
Typically used on the front of awnings sense when an awning is shaking up and down due to wind stress

Somfy Rain Sensor
Used to retract an awning
when rain is detected.

Somfy Wind Sensor
On detection of wind blowing at a set rate (adjustable) signal is sent to retract an awning or other outdoor blind

Somfy App
Control Blinds
Curtains, Awnings
from anywhere
in the world

Somfy Situo Remote
Somfy's latest style of
Remote Control


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Motorised External Shading & External Roller Blinds

For external blinds, motorisation is preferred, not simply because of the convenience but also because of the safety features that motorisation brings.

Leaving an external blind or awning out in a storm can be a disaster. Storms can come through suddenly and without warning; wind gusts of up to 100km per hour are not an unusual. If your not home to retract your awning or blind then severe damage can occur.

Wind Sensors and rain sensor can help protect your outdoor shade investment. If you happen to be away from home and a storm comes through then you can have the peace of mind that the wind sensor should take care of things and retract the awning or outdoor blind.

For one of our external venetian blind products and for a only a relatively small cost, we have capability to install a complete weather station. This weather station is configured with latitude and longitude so that the position on the Earth’s surface is known. When the position on the earths surface is known it is possible to determine the angle of the sun at particular time of the year. Knowing this together with the current temperature and light intensity enables the external venetian blind to be adjusted to control heat entering into the internal living environment and maximise light infiltration.

If it is passive control of the sun that is sort, this weather station controlled product achieves exceptional results saving money in both building costs together with savings ongoing energy requirements.

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Technical Data

Tubular Motors:

Application: Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetians, External Blinds, External Venetians, Roller Shutters, Folding Arm Awnings
Voltage: 12 volt, 240v
Systems: Somfy
Operation: Remote control (RTS), wall switch or integrate to a building management system such as CBUS
Fitting: Motor is tubular and fits inside the roller blind tube or within a headbox.
Detailing: Motors specified to ensure the correct torque and optimal speed. With the correct torque the motor can lift a weight within its limits whilst maximising the speed.
Other Information: Wind sensors, timers, sun sensors, temperature sensors, complete weather stations


Motorised Curtains:

Operation: Remote Control, Switch, Touch Activated, Building Automation Integrated
Fabrics: All curtain drapery fabrics including sheer and blockout
Application: Internal Windows, Doors, Theatres and Stages
Benefits: 1. Fabrics are not touched by hand and therefore stays clean

2. Timers and other sensors can automatically control the curtain to activate a temperature or energy reduction strategy. Eg. Some hotels utilise this technology to always close the curtains and turn off the air conditioning when there is no one int the room.

3. Touch sensitive motors will automatically engage the motor if a person tries to open or close the curtain by hand.

Street View: Curtain track profile is approximately 25mm by 30mm.
Detailing: Curtain track contains pulleys and belts to move the curtain. Curtain can operate with the stack going to one side or centre open. Only one motor is required for a centre open curtain.

The motor hangs below the curtain track on a nominated side. The motor is approximately 300mm by 80mm and is typically concealed by the curtain fabric that wraps around it.

Widths: 500mm to 15metres
Drop: 500mm to 8 metres
Other Information: Can be fitted to the face of a building or set into a window reveal.

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